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[about you]
Name: Marybeth
Age:14 (15 in feb=)..)
Location: Hanover PA
Zodiac Sign: Aquairius
Hobbies: skateboarding,surfing(in the summer at OC, MD or where ever we go that year)
What Time Do You Wake Up?: uhh depends.. during the school year 6/630 during the summer (depending on where i am: if  im at home then i'll get up around 12 but if im at a beach i'll get up around 6/7)
Do You Know How To Surf?: yes mam =)
Favorite Characteristic About Yourself: outgoing-ness
Where Did You Hear About This Community: somebody promoted it in _bootylicious_

Food:french frys
Show:laguna beach (the waves in that show are amazing btw)
Movie: 10 things i hate about you/blue crush/crazy/beautiful (its a tie between them three)
Book: Sarah Dessen- this lullaby
Band/Singer: My chemical romance/ Taking back sunday
Actor/Actress: Kiersten dunst
Vechicle: Jeeps!!! YAY!

Promote us somewhere. Where did you promote?[show links]:www.livejournal.com/community/emo_X_

Lindsay Lohan: her boobs are fake. and she cant sing and she bugs me
Paris Hilton: shes kind of a slut but i like her clothes (sometimes)
Britney Spears: oh my, where to start.. theres so much i can say about her im gonna limit it to three words .. I Hate Her =)
Mischa Barton: is that the girl on the OC.. i dont really watch that show i've watched it a couple times i dont really know much about her shes pretty though.
Carmen Electra: man, shes GORGEOUS and her personality on tv is amazing and her husband is really hawttt =)

[if you had to choose...]
Straight Hair or Curly Hair: straight
SUV or Car: SUV
French Toast or Pancakes: french toast
Pop or Country: country
Rock or Rap: ROCK
Reality TV or Soap Opera: reality
Sweatpants or Jeans:jeans
Teddy Bear or Blankie: blankie
Summer or Winter: summer
Spring or Fall: spring
Leopard or Zebra: zebra
Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff: Lindsay
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera: Christina
Ashlee Simpson or Jessica Simpson:Ashlee
Roxy or Billabong: Billabong
American Eagle or Ambercrombie & Fitch: Abercrombie
Pacific Sunwear or Hot Topic: PacSun

Popularity: is the dumbest effing thing i've ever encountered
Bullying: is mean and retarded, its like pointless and ignorant.
Drugs/Drinking: its your choice you wanna ruin your life w/ that shit go ahead. nobodys stoppin you
Premarital Sex: again, your choice if you want to its your choice  just be sure to protect your willy!

[convince us]
What Does Your User Name Mean?: x3 is a heart  and the broken is obviously  broken so together  is heartbroken_ loser .. and i call my self a loser because its an insider between me and my friends
Make Us Laugh: ....im not funny, but my boyfriend makes me laugh cause he likes to bite people, and its funny cause he like when im bored i bite people.. its funny..
Can We Trust That You'll Be Active?: YES i am ON the computer 247 ..
Will You Promote Us Again, If You Get Accepted?: most deff.
Do You Have Any Sugesstions For The Community?: ehh not really

[post at least 3 pics]

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