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[about you]
Name: nicole
Age: 21
Location: Fremantle, Western Australia - Australia
Zodiac Sign: virgo
Hobbies: motorbike riding, surfing, 4wdriving
What Time Do You Wake Up?: 6am
Do You Know How To Surf?: yes but i need to get better
Favorite Characteristic About Yourself: i am open minded and accept people for who they are
Where Did You Hear About This Community: i did a search for Blue Crush and this came up!

Number: 13
Food: lasagna
Show: CSI
Movie: Blue Crush & The Italian Job
Book: dont read that much now :(
Band/Singer: Missy Higgins & John Butler Trio
Actor/Actress: Mark Walhberg & Renee Zellweger (sp?)
Vechicle: my car - Suzuki Vitara

Promote us somewhere. Where did you promote?[show links]:
the promotion box was all RED X's... SORRY

Lindsay Lohan: stick to acting and cut down on the party drugs
Paris Hilton: if she doesnt want people to watch her having sex, dont tape it :)
Britney Spears: she needs to tame her act down... stop trying to play the bad girl cuz your doing a CRAP job at it
Mischa Barton: cant act but is hot and has a hot man
Carmen Electra: dont think much about her.. she isnt in our view much

[if you had to choose...]
SNL or Mad TV: dont get this over here in OZ
Straight Hair or Curly Hair: curly
SUV or Car: SUV
French Toast or Pancakes: pancakes
Pop or Country: country
Rock or Rap: rock
Reality TV or Soap Opera: soap opera
Sweatpants or Jeans: jeans
Teddy Bear or Blankie: teddy bear
Summer or Winter:  summer
Spring or Fall: spring
Leopard or Zebra: zebra
Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff: hilary
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera: christina
Ashlee Simpson or Jessica Simpson: ashlee
Roxy or Billabong: roxy
American Eagle or Ambercrombie & Fitch: dont get these over here either
Pacific Sunwear or Hot Topic: as above

Popularity: is not important. if you are a great person then people will be drawn to you like a fat kid to cake!
Bullying: sucks ass. some poor kid has to go through hell cuz someone is on a power trip? bully's should be severly punished
Drugs/Drinking: everyone is going to experiment... i dont have a problem with pot, its natural but meth, coke, hammer, speed - these are all man-made and could have ANYTHING in them.... you should always be careful if doing drugs and drinking. and i like to drink socially.
Premarital Sex: if you KNOW your man is in for the long haul then fine. I have been with my man for 5 years and he is the only person i have slept with. but i dont like people who just go around fucking guys cuz they like sex and especially if the guy is attached. that is completely wrong!

[convince us]
What Does Your User Name Mean?: Wedge is a place i go on holidays and i go there every weekend. great surf up there too! thats where i learnt to do my magic :) and cuz im a chick!
Make Us Laugh: how do you make a pool table laugh? tickle its balls.... - yeh i know LAME :)
Can We Trust That You'll Be Active?: yes, i update daily (but not on weekends)
Will You Promote Us Again, If You Get Accepted?: yes
Do You Have Any Sugesstions For The Community?: i would personally love to see any recent purchases people have made regarding surf brands and accessories! and maybe any horror surf stories?

[post at least 3 pics]

me and my boy kyle

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